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Childhood & Family

Long long time ago I was born as a countrychild in a small valley in the hills of the taunus. I had quite a lovely childhood. Chickens, geese, horses und cows were my companions.

Most important was my grandmother. I remember her walking to the fields to collect flowers und herbs in order to embroider a life-like copy on linen. Eventually these linen became beautiful table, cloths, and littlemats. With some of these mats I can still enjoy myself today.

Then there was grandfather who loved italy. He often traveled to italy and brought books of art with him. Especially the ceiling painting of the Sistine chapel had it done to me. I looked at it over and over again. Until today I still treasure this little booklet.

Artistic Career

Visit to the Städel night school in Frankfurt am Main. (National University of Fine Arts)

Group exhibitions in Diedenbergen and Hofheim im Taunus.

Exhibition in the Gallery of the City Library in Frankfurt-Bornheim..

June 1990
Guest of the annual exhibition of the BBK (Federation of Visual Artists) in the Carmelite convent in Frankfurt.

September 1990
Exhibition in the „Galerie am Fürstenbahnhof“ in Bad Homburg

Project and design of the entrance images to exhibitions in the city health department Frankfurt.

Creation of the pictograms for the AIDS-mobile in the city of Frankfurt am Main.

Since 1992
Production of motifs and images on etched and patinated brass plates.


A friend of mine gave me a huge brass plate that he did not need. As I was doing all sorts of things in my studio, he thought that maybe I could use it .

And indeed, I started trying out different things with the brass and until today I have never run out of new ideas.

To produce my jewellry, I am engraving pictures in brass plates.

The brass is initially patinated by alkalis and acids. From the nuances of these colours I let myself be inspired for further designs of the brass. Then, I add scenarios into the crystallized structures by an engraving pen. This creates miniatures of ancient landscapes, plants and animals: volcanoes, islands, seas, rainforests, coralbushes, elephants or dolphins.

This procedure has been created in my studio and is only used by me.

On request I will create your motives as desired.

Elke Eisinger | Schmuckmanufaktur
Hallgartenstraße 57
60389 Frankfurt

Tel.: 069 / 45 56 42